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Stay Calm But Phil Is In Hossy

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY but just so as you know, Prince Philip was admitted to hospital today “as a precaution”. We’re not really sure what the caution is pre-ing but Town & Country tell us it’s not the ‘rona (he has been vaccinated, remember?).

Nevertheless given how close he is to getting the tonne, it can’t be great news and "The Duke is expected to remain in hospital for a few days of observation and rest."

And not to make it about us but we are a little bit jel. I mean aren’t we all feeling a bit “unwell” right now? And wouldn’t we all like a town car to come and pick us up and deliver us to a place where they inject fluids right into you so you don’t even have to drink water or anything? Drinking water can be such a pain in the ass especially when you’re super dehydrated.

Wow, what a digression.

Anyway, the Queen stayed at Windsor chillin’ so it’s largely business as usual. Charles and Camilla are out and about thanking hospital workers, Kate’s flipping pancakes in a cardigan, Fergie’s being inappropriate and Meghan and Harry continue to cash in.

Phil, if you’re reading, know that you’re our favourite and we wish you a swift recovery after a bit of hospital grade jelly and icecream.

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