That time Meghan went on the Ellen Show

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Ok mates. We are giving the royal babes a spell this week because Meghan went on the Ellen Show and gee whiz do we have some hot takes.

Obviously, we already have a lot of opinions about Meghan and how she conducts herself in the media. And while we never claim to be experts in, well anything, (not even royal commentary) we do think this daytime TV appearance was a shithouse idea. But first we’ll tell you some good stuff.

What we liked

Her outfit.

What we didn’t like

Pretty much everything about it to be honest, but mainly the plugging on the book she wrote and never intended to publish. On that, we call bullshit. Why write a children’s book about fatherhood, diversity and claim that it accidentally made its way to a printing press and the Ellen Show? At the same time scream about your very late involvement in lobbying the government for paid maternal leave and then donate money to a charity about hair?! Is it that she’s expecting a nobel peace prize or just that she wants to reinstate herself as a Hollywood C-lister? This whole thing just seemed like a big QVC segment for her life.

Then there is the bit where Ellen puts an earpiece on Meghan and sends her down to a bunch of street vendors and tells her everything to do and say. She acts like a chipmunk, drinks from a baby bottle and refers to herself as ‘mama’. To put it simply it’s just cringe. She acts like an idiot and even her father says it’s embarrow. Heck, even Peter Andre reckons she is making it hard for herself. And Piers Morgan called for the Queen to immediately strip Harry and Meghan of their royal titles!

How many stars are we giving it?

After careful consideration we upped the 0.5 star rating up to a 0.75. Yeah mate, it’s that bad.

Should you watch it?

Look if you get on the YouTube you can watch all the edited segments and it will be at best 15 mins of your day. However, if you are already in a mood or on your way - probs give it a miss.

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