The Bleak Details of Stalin’s Family Life

You know him as the murderous dictator of the east, but behind the scenes it’s possible Stalin was even more of an asshole. Here’s some proof.

He disowned his son. Yakov Dzhugashvili was Stalin’s oldest child with then wife Kato Svanidze who died just nine months after Yakov’s birth. Not much interested in children, Stalin left the kid to be raised by others. Yakov met his father again as a troubled teen and reportedly attempted suicide several times. Rather than helping his oldest son, Joey disowned Yakov and sent him to fight on the front lines where he was captured by Nazi soldiers in WW2. When Stalin heard Yakov was improsoned in the Nazi death camp he didn’t intervene and Yakov died alone in 1943 despite being the son of the boss of Russia.

He had sex with a 13 year old. Gross. In 1914 while Stalin was in exile in Siberia, he met a 13 year old orphan named Lidia. He was 35. The “affair” (see: rape) produced two pregnancies and one child who survived infancy. We don’t know too much more than that because when Stalin later became the boss, he hushed up that shit KGB style but whatever happened, it’s safe to say it wasn’t good.

He executed his first wife’s family. He claimed to really love her, but after she died of typhus Stalin accused her family of being german spies. They denied it but he has them executed by government agents anyway. It all was part of something he called “The Great Purge”.

His second wife died by suicide after learning of his affairs. Never one to keep it in his pants, while ruling the Soviet Union, Stalin was also shagging everyone. His wife Nadezhda Alliluyeva knew about this and was not at all OK with it. After she died, it’s rumoured Stalin had an affair with her sister because he was classy like that.

What a guy.

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