The Most Putin Moments Putin Has Ever Had

This week on the pod, we explore the life and times of Vladimir Putin, that sneaky bastard in Russia who just won’t quit. We scoured the internet for the three most interesting anecdotes and now we present them to you, comrades. Here goes!

Finds Treasure Like A Hero

In 2011, Putin had a photo op in a wet suit on the greek coast (sure). He went for a dive and nek minut re-emerged with some priceless artifacts from the 6th century. Putin reckons he discovered them but we suspect they may have been planted by some poor personal assistant in a bid to make Vlad appear (if possible) even more iconic.

PS. No word on where those “ancient” artifacts are today.

Scores Eight Goals In One Ice Hockey Game

Just last year in fact, during an exhibition match with former pros who were reportedly actually trying (... to avoid being mysteriously shot six months from now?). Funnily enough the only footage from the event shows Putin drinking coffee on the bench, but we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt because honestly he scares us.

Holidays Without Shirt In Siberia

US Sanctions whatever! Putin knows how to keep in chill in the ‘beria by taking his shirt off, spearing a fish and making sure there are plenty of photographers there to see it. Honestly, we do admire his commitment to relaxation, and if he’s fishing that time he’s not spending planning assassinations, right?

So have a listen then!

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