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We’re not sure who needs to hear this but, research* shows that musical theatre geeks are 200 times more likely to be the most entertaining work colleague/dinner guest and podcast enthusiast by 400%!**

So great news for any of you who, like LK and Rossy, are absolutely frothing for this Princess Diana musical.

Over the weekend we learned that there is a musical written all about Princess Diana and it’s almost like the Russian hackers have infiltrated LK and Rossy’s brains and Trello board!

The internet is so far only sprinkling us with info and not revealing too many spoilers but we do know that the black ‘revenge dress’ makes an appearance and so does Camilla! The Broadway run has been thrown together by a bunch of thespian veterans and the bloke who was the keyboardist in Bon Jovi apparently wrote the music and even ‘Rolling Stone’ thinks it’s a bit of alright.

Turns out that COVID is still a thing in New York and most countries (except Australia, New Zealand and are Sweden still ignoring the global pandemic or what.!?) so the likelihood of getting bums on seats in a theatre by October is about as likely as Meghan retracting her comments about how shithouse it is being a royal. So, the good people at Netflix have done us a solid and we all get to see Diana and her badly cut 80s chic wigs before the Broadway debut!

How good is that?! Whack it in your diary for October 1!

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*We did absolutely no research

**This is an absolute lie

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