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Top 5 Royal Bachelors

We’d like to sincerely apologise for not bringing this to your attention sooner.

To think we’ve been banging on about Wills and Kate calling bingo over Zoom when we could have been delivering content in the form of rich, eligible, aristocratic, rich, royal bachelors.

Ok so let's start at the top. LK and Rossy accidentally stumbled across this eligible royal bachelor when they were trying to explain how the British Royal family worked. Truth be told, most of us are still confused about Biz’s fam bam and the structure of the monarchy. But shut up

a minute because who cares about that when there is a very handsome, wealthy young man swanning around London. AND - he’s single.

Discovering this rare royal gem got us thinking. What other hot royals are swanning around the world unwed? And where might our reader be able to find them? Well, don’t you worry about getting yourself into a royal internet rabbit hole we’ve done the leg work for you.

Here are LK and Rossy’s top 5 royal bachelors:

1. Hugh Grosvenor

Hugh is the world’s richest person under thirty. Do we need to go on..?! Ok well, he’s also the Duke of Westminster and godfather to Prince George. Apparently Hugh is very private and according to Wikipedia he is known for British aristocracy, property development, and landowning. Good on you Hugh. When can we come over for dinner?

Just for transparency, we’d like to indicate to the reader that the next 4 royal bachelors are a lot younger and less appealing than Hugh but still hot, rich and royal.

2. Prince Mateen of Brunei

GQ named Mateen as ‘one of Asia’s most eligible blue-blooded bachelors’ and they were not wrong. His father has an estimated net worth of 20 billion USD. Being one of 10 children, and the 4th boy, he will have to split this fortune but let’s be honest he’s super gorgeous and loves to post a gym selfie on Insta. It’d even be worth the dry fight on Air Brunei to get an IRL look at this stud muffin.

3. Crown Prince Hussein bin

Hussein is the heir apparent in Jordan and has graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in International History. To be honest this is probably one of the best topics to study if you are heir to any throne. Currently, he is a lieutenant in the Jordan Air force and looks good in uniform, but just as good in a suit. So you know, he’s adaptable. Just don’t scroll too far down on Google images cos you’ll find some pics of him as a tween and they ain’t cute.

4. Louis Spencer

The press might know him as ‘Prince Harry’s Hot cousin’ but Louis Spencer is easily capable of being hot all on his own. While he is not a prince and only holds the title Viscount Althorp, there is the connection that his grandparents have to the Scottish royal family and he is Harry, and Willaim’s, cousin. Also, very handsome.

5. Prince Nikolai of Denmark

Just to be clear, we are very aware that this kid is basically a foetus but he is of age and just look at him! The eldest grandson of Queen Margarethe of Denmark, his father Prince Joachim and mother Alexandra, have given him the best combination of Eurasian genes you’ve ever seen. He currently spends his time modeling and pretending to be interested in business school. What a spunk.

Well, this is the best fun Rossy has had in the last few months so stay tuned for more titillating content like this.

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