Top 6 Imelda Marcos outfits

We have turned our pando/iso lives into a Trello board full of productivity to create a brand new pod all about dictators! We kick off season one with Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos who we discover are all about style, ambition and stealing money! Find out why there is more to Imelda than just shoes and how Ferdinand may have invented the sex tape scandal! Listen now.

If there is any reason (like literally the only one) to love Imelda Marcos it’s for her impeccable style. Despite rocking the exact same sleeve for the better part of 70 years, at the age of 91 Imelda’s fashion choices are still one of her most talked-about features. Perhaps this is her strategy to distract us from her involvement in stealing money from the Phillipiono people and rigging elections..?

While Imelda Marcos was infamous for her extravagant shoe collection, fashion was not the only thing she liked to collect. Art, African animals, and buildings were all part of Imelda’s wealth portfolio. With her husband, Ferdinand, Imelda started (like most overtly wealthy people) opened a Swiss bank account under fake names. Ferdinand chose William Saunders and Imelda went with Jane Ryan. After 2 years these banks were chocka-block full of money so they transferred the ownership to foundations registered in Liechtenstein, and everyone lived happily ever after.

In 1953 Imelda gained the title ‘Muse of Manilla’ after entering a beauty pageant. While the internet doesn’t reveal if she was ever crowned a beauty queen her track record for getting whatever she wants, suggests she is the KWEEN of all beauty Queens! Her natural beauty and immaculate grooming is still part of the 91-year-olds daily routine. The puff sleeve she wears often (if not always) is now considered as part of a traditional Philipino dress (according to PInterest).

In honour of over 70 years of hand-beaded, custom couture and the over use of hairspray we look at some of Imelda Marcos’s best outfits.

1. Yellow puff sleeve ball gown

Not many women can get away with Canary yellow but when you pair it with a President it doesn’t look so bad.

2. Red puff sleeve ball gown

When even a faded aviator sunglass can’t take away from a red lace ball gown.

3. Black sparkly full sleeve ball gown

We imagine this bodice is encrusted with real diamonds and not that cheap shit from Swarovski.

4. Peacock patterned ball gown with fuck off expensive fur coat

Go on then babes add a fur coat to this peacock feathered design. No doubt that signature sleeve of yours is hiding under there.

5. Puff sleeve ball gown with lattice detail ball gown

Even though we can’t see the colour and details of this outfit, we imagine that lattice detail is 24 carat gold-plated and hand-stitched by blind orphans.

6. Tacky circle patterned puff sleeve ball gown

This design is all very dependant on the colour. Yet, the bet is this is the very regal combination of white and gold. Alright, gon on then Imelda. You win!

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