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7 things you didn't know you didn't know about Pippa Middleton - ROYAL FAMILY NEWS

Looking for the latest royal family news? Get all the tea from Buckingham Palace with LK and Rossy!

Why has it taken us so long to become stans of Pippa with the good butt?! While being the future Queen’s sister Pippa is a legit babe in her own right. Super smart, pretty and married to a cashed-up bloke who will one day give her the title of Lady - she just has to wait for her father in law to kick the bucket.

So instead of telling you guys all the things you already know about Pippa we are going to tell you 7 things you didn’t know you didn’t know about Pippa Middleton.

Here goes.

Her wedding was a Meghan free event (much like the British monarchy)

Think back to a time when we were excited about Prince Harry having a new girlfriend and the time he took a date to the Invictus Games. The smell of sugared almonds was in the air and Pippa was about to walk down the aisle. Except she didn’t want this new bird of Harry’s to rock up and ruin her day - so she wasn’t invited. Turns out this would be the mantra of everyone else associated with the Royal family in the years to come. We guess Pippa was just a trendsetter.

She dated a bloke who carried a toy gun (... for fun?)

You know the only thing worse than British boys with guitars are French blokes with fake guns. We know this because Pippa once dated this lawyer and while driving around Paris in a fun top car he pulled out a fake gun. What? Like actually what? He thought it was a LOL, she thought it was a bad idea and there has definitely been a team of PR experts who have tried to wipe this info from the internet. Buckingham Palace press office strikes again!

Her husband used to be a Formula 3 race car driver

Turns out Formula One is a lot like netball and James Middelton used to play the equivalent of C grade netball - but in a race car. He has since retired from driving around in circles dangerously and is now a hedge fund manager, which basically means he invests other people's money - dangerously.

She is the author of 2 books

Pippa worked in PR and Events and worked for the family events/party planning business so naturally, she has written 2 books on how to put on a cracking do. Not sure you need any more info about this fun fact and if you do buy the book so you can learn how to make a bunting out of 18th-century silk.

Her Mum was an air hostie and her Dad was a pilot

Can the Middelton’s get any cuter? Their eldest daughter marries a Prince, their son breeds Cavoodles and their baby daughter is a babe! Then we find out Mr and Mrs Middelton had a workplace mile high romance! Pls stop being so adorable!

She went to Uni in Edinburgh

While her sister was off at St Andrew’s doing Wills’ physics essays and trying not to get pregnant, Pippa was running background checks on potential future lords and billionaires in Scotland. Now her husband is a demi billionaire and heir to a Scottish estate. Oh and Pippa also studied English while at Uni…

Her favourite podcast is ‘We’ll never be Royals’

OK, this is not exactly true but she is absolutely a royal family enthusiast and she may even have been the founder of Megxit rage, having been the first one of that Cambridge lot to tell Meghan to rack off! 100% she would love this poddy.

Royal Family News

Obviously, we can’t get enough royal family news and will continue to be the ultimate Pippa with the good butt stans but let us know if you have any thoughts re: good butt or otherwise. Drop us a line at

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