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We were nominated as a top British Royal family podcast so crack open the Tia Maria!

Looking for the latest British royal family news? Get all the tea from Buckingham Palace with LK and Rossy!

OK, so this week Best Start Up UK wrote lots of nice things about how we are the change the monarchy needs in order to move forward in a modernised way. One that appeals to multiple demographics and could be seen (by the Crown) as the next biggest thing since #megxit. OK, not really... but we made the list of top 20 British Royal Family podcasts so crack open the tia maria!

We encourage you to definitely check out the other royal podcasts that make this list but, if you want the best royal tea you know you should just stick to We’ll Never be Royals.

While we do our best to deliver factual updates about the Royal family we do sometimes get swept up in a potential rumour. Like the time Rossy was convinced Meghan Markle was going to run for President in 2024 and we ended up getting our political tragic mate to come on the pod to fact check us. If you want to hear that then go listen to our #MegsforPrez Campaign update with Clarky ep. Also, we did kind of jump on this ‘Secret Son Simon’ conspiracy theory which involves a bloke from Queensland and a very intense out of office project where he finds pictures of his family members that are posing similarly to royal family members and then claims that he has to be the banished son of Charles and Camilla. It’s wild but we love it and that’s our vibe.

Anyway, the whole point of us doing this poddy is to learn about the British royal family and then tell you about it. We don’t claim to be royal experts, but we are very good at a Google alert and we really can’t decide if we still have #megxit rage or if we love Meghan for her radical progress..? So we work through it each week on the pod and then swear profusely at laptops in order to edit the episode and distribute in a timely manner.

But please listen to us and check out other fun stuff we have covered including very important info on how You can rent Princess Margaret’s joint in Mustique. That is important and not to mention There is a musical all about Princess Diana and where can we get tickets pls..? Also we sell our own merch to bank roll our podcast expenses, so please go and shop yourself silly with soft pants and baby bibs.


To keep up with all the royal scandals, tune into We’ll Never Be Royals wherever you stream your pods!

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