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So if you haven’t already heard, Harry and Megs have traded a life of the regal for a life of the regular and almost everyone (outside of the USA) seems to be perplexed by this choice.

Why the fuck would you give up a life of tiaras, breakfast champagne and bridge openings just so you could have the option to go to Walmart any time you want.

Why dear god? WHY?!!!

Anyway, it has to be for a good reason, right? Not just for the sake of some American focused royal family news?

Initially, it was thought Meghan was looking for a career in politics, but the Sussex’s eagerness to sign with Netflix and launch a one episode podcast would suggest they are keen for those showbiz dollars. However, Meghan is well aware that this industry requires constant profile-raising and just how many more secrets does she have to tell Oprah?

Meanwhile, at Oprahville, the CBS Megxit cheerleaders are thrilled to the back teeth with the royal family snub Harry and Megs offered up for apparently zero dollars. But does this mean they have already played their trump card? If so, we hope it pays off for them because as good as Walmart is, it’s less fun when it’s your only option.

Last week Harry announced his first-ever real job as Chief Impact Officer with the Silicon Valley start-up ‘Better Up’. And we can't help but worry that this is a sign of things to come. Will Megs also be getting herself a pencil skirt and an office job, or is she headed straight back to the grind of drama television?

So what are Harry and Megs going to do next?

A QVC clothesline? Vegan skincare range? Or will their next media pursuit be a reality TV show called ‘So you think you can commoner?’

Royal Family News

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