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What’s the deal with that dodgy bastard, Richard III?

Looking for the latest royal family news? Get all the tea from Buckingham Palace with LK and Rossy!

  1. He was the 12th of 13 children and still managed to get his hands on the throne. V impressed

  2. His middle name was Plantagenet which is honestly too much

  3. He was less than 5 ft tall but go easy because it was the 1400’s

  4. According to official portraits he was very pasty. Like more than normal. Like translucent

  5. He was Cambridge University’s biggest funder because Royals love shit like that

  6. He definitely* murdered his nephews so he could have his turn with the crown

  7. He maybe had totes inappropes relations with his niece Elizabeth whose brothers he murdered

  8. He married his first cousin (obvi)

  9. His body was found in a carpark in 2012. No, it wasn’t a car park at the time

* Probably


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