What you need to know about Royal Nineties Nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke

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Look, to be honest, we’re not sure where we land on Tiggy because she seems like a nice enough lass but also any enemy of Diana’s is an enemy of ours. We put together this list of fun facts so you can decide for yourself.

She went to the same Swiss finishing school as Diana (don’t ask us what a finishing school is!)

She thinks smoking is cool.

She ran a daycare centre called Mrs. Tiggywinkles and we respect that.

Her mum was lady-in-waiting to Princess Anne back in the day.

She can smoke while hunting geese with a rifle.

She didn’t have to wear that horrific nanny outfit (much).

She probs didn’t have an affair with Charles even though Diana totes thought she did!

It seems Biz preferred her over Diana. Awks.

She got a guernsey at Meghan and Harry’s wedding (outfit was a bit borzo though)

She can smoke while skiing.


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