Who’s who in the North Korean Zoo

OK we gonna break it down for y’all. Because it’s confusing. Who is the current supreme leader of North Korea? Who was the founder? And who is the guy that used to be the supreme leader and is potentially the baddest of the baddies in North Korea?

So let’s go back to the start.

Kim Il Sung

This is the bloke who got all up in everyone’s grill in the North Korean war, assumed a win, and then “founded” North Korea. Kim Il Sung established North Korea as a communist state and was in office for over 45 years! You can find up to 500 statues of KIS in North Korea and among other things he also produced an heir in Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il

This is the bloke who we chat most about in the pod. He secretly fancied himself a creative type and pursued a film production career while simultaneously holding down a job at the propaganda office in the North Korean government until his father kicked the bucket and he got to take the reins as supreme leader. KJI is also the bloke who got all excited about nuclear power and lied to the West about suing it as a resource - instead he was developing weapons!

Kim Jong Un

This is the bloke who’s mates with Dennis Rodman. Being educated in Switzerland since 1996 contributed to KJU’s love of the Chicago Bulls - hence the Rodman bro-mance. The current Supreme Leader was also instrumental in having the current ‘less supreme’ leader of the USA - President Trump nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize due to a couple of phone chats and an IRL meeting in Singapore re: nuclear bombs.

So hopefully that has cleared up ‘Who’s who in the North Korean Zoo’, but if not you should go listen to the pod OK?

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