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This week LK and Rossy head to the Kingdom of Jordan… by the way, this has nothing to do with Michael Jordan. We find out a little bit about current monarch King Abdullah II and his beautiful wife and a lot about his late father and all of his marriages!

Due to the everlasting Chicago summer and LK’s newly established private studio, she records this interview topless. Rossy, however, is focussing on the fact the Tom Hanks getting the rona, shutting down a film set on the Gold Coast, going home to American and then coming back to Australia to quarantine in a penthouse villa and all she has done is watch over 120 hours of Nashville.

Anyway, we are here to chat about royal families and this week we are all about Jordan… the country.

Squished between Saudi Arabia, Israel and Lebanon, Jordan is located in an intense part of the world yet their royal family is totally glam and does good things. Generally. The current monarch King Abdullah II is married to the love of his life - the smoking Queen Rania and together they have four equally stunning children. Rania doesn't even care that her husband is shorter than her and refuses to ditch her Louboutins and LK thinks that it’s about time society gets rid of this outdated standard. Here here!

Eldest son Hussein is on our previously mentioned Top 5 Hot Royal Bachelors list, but other than that he’s not making headlines which is probably a good thing if you're going to be a future ruler of a Kingdom. So we take a look into his Grandpa’s (also named Hussein) multiple marriages.

Former King Hussein, or as we refer to him on the pod - Dad Hussein (Dad to current monarch Abdullah II) was married four times and it’s all Rossy wants to talk about. Here is a breakdown of marriages for your convenience:

Wife 1: 3rd cousin - Dina married Dad Hussein in 1955.

  • They had a baby girl the following year

  • Dina went home to vist her family in Eqypt and learned she was getting a divorce. Yikes!

Wife 2: Antoinette or ‘Toni’ married Dad Hussein in 1961

  • They met on the set of the film - ‘Laurence of Arabia’

  • They had four children and their eldest son Abdullah is the current monarch

  • British born Toni wasn’t a fan favorite of the Jordanians and was dubbed the ‘Typist from Ipswich’ as she was a secretary before marrying the King

  • Her Royal Highness Princess Muna al-Hussein (Muna means "the King's desire".)

Wife 3: Alia married Dad Hussein in 1972

  • Alia was the first wife to gain the title of Queen - Queen Noor (Noor meaning ‘light’)

  • She helped pass to law for the women’s vote in 1974

  • Their daughter Princess Haya was married to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. This middle eastern power couple were dubbed ‘the perfect couple’ and seemed very in love. Until she left him dramatically last year fleeing Dubai to Germany seeking asylum and then landing on her feet at her $100 million home in the UK ...across the road from Kensington Palace

  • Alia died in a helicopter crash in 1977 she was killed in a helicopter crash

Wife 4: Lisa Halaby married Dad Hussein in 1978

  • The American was 1 year old when her husband became the King (yikes!).

And that’s Jordan.

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