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World Royals - Morocco

While Harry and Meghan have been busy convincing Americans to vote in the upcoming US election, LK and Rossy have discovered a YouTube vid that is just members of the British monarchy having a dance and it’s amazing. Rossy also takes us on a brief uneventful trip to Morocco. Listen now!

In important #megxit related news, Harry and Megs have treated the world to this message about voting in the US election. Meghan is poised and eloquent in delivering an important message to the people. Harry on the other hand is sweating balls that his Grandmother is going to see it, and get straight on the blower to express her disappointment. It goes against everything a royal family member is brought up to endorse. A non-political stiff upper lip is encouraged and this video is outrageously emotional and political. The key takeaway here is that Harry has never been more uncomfortable in front of a camera and gee whiz LK’s 2nd hand embarrassment feels are next level. In more speculative and exciting news this video message is a dollop of supportive evidence for Meghan’s 2024 presidential ambitions and a thing and gee whiz. Just gee whiz.

More about that later but right now we need to talk about another great internet find. The Royal Family Channel is a YouTube gold mine of royals content and why don’t LK and Rossy bang on about this more?! It’s a great question, and one that has been tabled for the next production meeting. Anyway, Rossy found a video compilation of royal family members having a boogie and it’s everything the world needs right now.

So we cover the Morocco royal family this week and to be hon ron, it’s pretty low key. Current monarch Mohammed VI of Morocco has been King since 1999 and prior to becoming the King, he liked fast cars and nightclubs. No one found this interesting until he took the throne and The New York Times wrote a bit about it, but basically, it's the last piece of content that has ever been written about this guy. Despite getting caught up in the Wikileaks debacle, Mohammed barely makes a blip on the International news cycle.

He is happily married to her royal highness Princess Kakka Salma and they have 2 kids: Crown Prince Moulay Hassan and Princess Lalla Khadija 2007. They are super cute kids and are likely going to inherit the holding company which is corruptly involved with almost every real estate deal in the country. Good stuff.

Also, Mohammed is good mates with King Abdullah from Jordan as they both took the throne from their late fathers in the same year. We had hoped the internet might have graced us with some images of the two families holidaying in the Caribbean drinking cocktails and wearing their crowns at the all you can eat buffet at the 5 and a half star tropical resort, but alas there are no such images. Sigh.

That’s Morocco!

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