You did what now to Dr Angela Merkel?!

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OK so, Dr Angela Merkel is the boss lady who is currently Queen of Europe as the Chancellor of Germany. We Stan her.

Angie (as LK and Rossy like to call her) has had a bit of a rough time from the other male European leaders and also that one who was in charge of the USA for a bit. But one thing Angie does not stand for is bullshit behaviour from these world leaders who are egotistical jerks.

Famously in 2009 Angie had a run-in with Berlusconi who was the Italian Prime minister at the time. Basically, he is the template for Trump - being a wealthy tycoon (media) turned politician who didn’t know his arsehole from his policy papers and Italy couldn’t get rid of him because all the Nonnas' who watched daytime television (he owned the counties largest media company and controlled the news cycle and this was still not considered problematic..?) loved him. He was also involved in some casual sex parties and there is so much more to the Berlusconi situ and if you want a detailed adventure into that shit show Rossy recommends you listen to the podcast Bunga Bunga. It’s good Italian tea.

So back to the Angie Berlusconi incident.

It’s 2009 and Angie is greeting world leaders at the NATO summit. This is also around the time where Italy’s economy is absolutely cooked and Berlusconi needs a bail out from one of his Euro neighbour mates. Germany is on the top of that list. So Berlusconi rocks up in his estate car gets out and he’s on the phone. Now instead of hanging up the call and walking straight over to Angie to shake her hand and secure his countries financial future he walks away from Angie and continues to chat on the phone. Mate, who could you possibly be taking to that is more important?! Anyway, Angie is a boss lady who waits for the next world leader, shakes that blokes hand then goes inside to make herself a cuppa and save the world.

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