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ROYAL FAMILY NEWS: Prince Harry... the no longer 'Spare'

So Harry (and Megs) has been doing a lot of talking lately (you might have noticed..?) about all the shithouse things that happened to him while he was a prince and then after he gave his 2 weeks' notice. Buck Pal’s press secretary just wants him to put a sock in it but he refuses so there is a lot of content to talk about when it comes to Harry and especially since he released that book… that we are definitely not talking about.

The Quick Squiz

Surely everyone in the whole entire world already knows this but for the sake of our organic traffic on Google Prince Harry is the spare son of King Charles Spaniel and the late Princess Diana. He is into sport and not school, lost his virginity to an older woman behind a shed near a country pub (haven’t we all!) and one time got his todger frostbitten. He went to the Military for 48 boring chapters then married the divorced American.


Fancy inventing your own Olympics for returned and serving service men and women who have been wounded or injured. Well, Harry did invent his own International sporting event because deep down (actually maybe not that deep) he is a good bloke who is genuinely passionate about this cause. Not sure what all those other royals are doing with their time but take note bozos.


The lowlight of Harry’s life has got to be the time he wore a Nazi outfit in Vegas. If you don’t know about it just think of how bad it would be if you went to a fancy dress party dressed as a nazi and then times it by a million. Throw in the most brutal press coverage in the world: British tabloid press - enter stage right and kaboom!

Brand new information

While this is not really brand new information to anyone or even this podcast it is a good lesson in accounting and why you should really crunch the numbers before you piss off your Dad and get cut off from their duchy. Harry and Megs are cashing cheques every time they open their mouths but how much cash are they really getting? Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown:

  • Dollar bucks:

$100 mil from the Netflix deal, $20 mil for Harry’s book advance and $15-18 mil for Spotify (could be $25 mil though).

  • Assets:

House in Montecito is worth $14.7 mil and is mortgaged apparently. Harry inherited $10 mil from Diana and Megs had a $2 mil net worth when she came into the marriage.

That’s $162 mil in total assets.

  • Outgoings:

The Secy’s alone cost them $6 per year. If they live for another 50 years that is $300mil.

Which means they are $148mil short so far. So the real question is… have we only heard half the story?

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